Tarps Apparel Co.

Tarps Apparel Co. is a Canadian-designed clothing company highlighting legendary athletes and their stories on vintage tees. But these aren’t your regular T-shirts! At Tarps, we recognize what quality means, which is why we only use a high-end Bamboo-based material for our tees to create a thin, soft feel that is unmatched in the sports-clothing market. Our lifestyle brand allows you to wear our tees anywhere, from the big game, to an afternoon with friends on a patio. Our Tees focus not on the teams, but rather the great athletes who bled for their city. Who poured their heart and soul into their game, night after night, and who called that city HOME. As well, each player we feature receives a portion of sales, ensuring that we as a company (and you the customer) are giving back to these warriors who played for very limited salaries compared to today’s athletes. We are proud to give back to these players as well as the CFL Alumni Association, and to promote these Legends Of The Game


Legends of the game

Angelo Mosca
Chris Walby
George Reed
Gizmo Williams
Earl Winfield
Lui Passaglia
Paul Osbaldiston
Peter Dalla Riva
Tony Gabriel

A percentage of all proceeds benefits the CFLAA and its legends

This garment pays homage to those who played well. Played hard. Played with heart. The Legends who toiled in sweat, blood, and guts. The Legends who gave it their all, day in and day out. This garment is a testament to their legacy. This garment supports them.